Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Bday 2010

on Earth Day i celebrated my &^%^* bday. that's the cake my colleagues got for me. they got all &^$&% candles but decided to only stick one in. LOL. so pretty.

i was also gifted a pretty pink gerbera bouquet by the same girls <3.

QL gave me a pretty card and a shabby chic hat pin. i wore it home btw and am wearing it now. too cute!

some of them also brought me out for lunch and got me a blueberry cheese japanese swiss roll. there's still some leftover in the fridge. YUMMAY. and i went for a fertility massage at Rustic Nirvana. i think i still smell of the herb wrap. ;o

thanks girls for making the day beautiful!

the DH celebrated my pre-bday before he left for korea. i have since given him a shopping list. :)) we went to a fancy japanese restuarant at Millenia Parco. sorry, there isn't any photoes because we were so hungry the minute food was served we attacked it.

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