Monday, April 19, 2010

MAC's blue india franken

Sara at icyabstract had a post on how she almost duped Blue india using Rainbow polishes and i thought that it was a great idea since i have a ready supply of Rainbow polish right at my doorstep!

it's been raining almost every evening and i do like that color of the sky and clouds when it's just about to pour. all the grays and dusty blues and purples.

so anyways i cleared out some unloved polishes and used the bottles.

i don't have an exact formula/recipe but it's mainly 70% blue, 3-5 drops of black and a few drops of the pearl. add a little and shake and then add some more to get a nice slate blue.

this is 2 coats with SV top coat.

the effect i had wasn't as bright as Blue India but it had that lovely pre-storm dark sky color. using the same formula i also made another color that's more grayish. i'll wear that as my next mani.

here are some more pics with different lightings.

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