Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earth Day NOTD II : Nfu Oh 569

So as i am typing this out i'm stalking the sun. it's bright and sunny today but still overcast with moving clouds.

everytime i take a claw shot i get a little sunburn. that's how hot it is here almost all the time.

in bright light, my fingers look dark.

overcast and with flash.

569 is a beautiful rich green jelly that's got an inner glow in any light.

the formula is a little bit tricky to use. it applies very sheer and it will drag, creating bald spots. this is one thin layer and one thicker layer. the polish like to stick together so use a little bit more and try to spread it out evenly and pull off the excess. one good thing about the consistency is that it evens itself out creating an smooth finish. next time i will try to use 3 thin layers and see how that works.

you will also notice that i've got neater cuticles now! i bought a cutter and have been trimming them down. yup yup! cuticle trimming is now available.

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