Saturday, April 24, 2010

Orly Cupcake KOTD with Nfu Oh 133

i was pouring one day i wanted to test if the increase in air humidity + cooler temperature will aid my success with KONAD. it did. surprisingly, i have a better success rate with using other polishes than the KONAD special polish.

these are some of the grays i tried but in the end i stuck to using NFU 133, which is the darkest gray here.

if dry cuticles give you the heebie geebies you can stop looking from here on. :P:P:P i've just started trimming my cuticles and this was my second attempt here.

i also blamed the workshop that i attended that week that required us to wear powdered gloves for the whole day. too drying!

Orly Cupcake is a sheerish muted pink that flatters my skin tone. pastel pinks don't really work for me so i am happy that i've got this. application is easy peasy but you might want to do 3 coats if you are picky. i think i wore 2 here.

i hope everyone enjoys looking at my NOTDs as much as i enjoy doing them. <3

if i were to get something from MAC, what would you recommend? i've already set my eyes on dirty plum blush, up the amp and laugh a lot lipsticks.


Angie said...

Very cute! I like the picture with the flower :)

susies1955 said...

Very pretty. Delicately sweet,

Anonymous said...

what the number of the plate you used for the flowers and the butterfly?