Sunday, April 11, 2010

haul for the month

as usual we were in town today, and all i intended to get today were

to orgarnize my polishes, and these, to replace some basics that i've overgrown.

something i saw a few weeks ago and it's been bugging me.

but i had to pass by Tangs to get to the Guardian at the Paragon and noticed the big posters advertising the official launch of MAC's Liberty of London collection, plus some cute dresses on display. so we went in. these resulted...

a pretty dress not made out of chiffon. the lining is cotton and not those polyester things that get really warm.

i also bought myself my first pair of sunglasses at the The Spectacle hut(Taka watson's) at a 20% discount.

i got them in anticipation of a great big summer vacation. these are the only one of the few that fit me well without my lashes brushing on the lens or the frame sitting on my cheeks.

check out the cute butterfly details.

I also made the DH pay for my first MAC item ever. mwa ha ha!! i'm going to pay him back, i just want to utilise his card to clock points for TANGS.

one of the reasons i checked out the Liberty range was because of the packaging. i love flowery botanical prints. i tried Peachstock and Blooming Lovely and i loved them both. unfortunately for me they ran out of BL. Vivocity still had 9 pieces left but i'm not that obsessed with makeup to actually drag the DH down for it. however, if anyone of you out there who has Blooming Lovely and doesn't like it can sell it to me :)))


Evie's Lair said...

Nice dress, and cute lip stick. Saw the new Mac collection in Tangs, tempted to get one too :P

suzieduck said...

i called vivo MAC today, they sold out of the Blooming Lovely lipstick already :( i forgot to try yesterday. now i feel like getting something else just for the packaging!