Friday, December 25, 2009

snowflakes over wintry nails and christmas red nails

i just couldn't leave my nails alone without drawing on them, since my original idea was to have snowflakes so i got my paints from work and started doodling.

the lines are a little chunky but i'm satisfied with them. lol. i only wore them for 3 days because i took them out last night for some christmas fun.

i used some bronze and gold glitter and rhinestones for this look.

my original plan was to draw in some holly and gingerbread man and i even practiced drawing with my other hand but i think for once i will stick to a clasic design.

i made a mistake of not drawing a cleaning smile line and placing most of the glitter on the red but. now i'm itching to redo it but i suppose it's only for another day or 2. i'm itching to wear pastel colors!

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