Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas hauls

Merry Christmas to all!!!

my DH, bless his soul is still asleep. lol. i tried to irritate him by poking his painful pimple but it didn't work. imma show off some christmas goodies to you guys.

the DH was in Beijing over the weekend and he brought me some more nail art goodies. he's really good at picking out the sweet stuff with the minimal instructions i give him.

there are a box of glitters and a box of mini bullions beads. dried flowers, fimo flowers and lace stickers. a wheel of rhinestones and some acrylic molds. these are "imitation" molds and i'll see if i get sick from using them. lol.

i recently cleared out my jewellery box so now i have a fancy place to store these beauties.

i'm offering free nail art services to my cousins! lol.. just bring me something good to eat, i'm available on most weeknights and then maybe the weekends too.

DH's colleague also helped to hual me back some polishes on his trip to korea.

i gave him a list of 44 (oops) and he managed to get about 12 of them. many thanks!

the DH was afraid that i'd be disappointed and he promised to get me the rest on his next trip to korea. ;)

i also picked up my package at the post office yesterday. w00t! my acrylics arrived.

the monomer liquid leaked and there's about 4/5 left in the bottle. OMG the smell of organics will knock you out. i'm almost afraid to try to use it as it might burn my lungs and throat. i also ordered a set of colored acrylic powder and i can't wait for them to arrive.

did everyone get good stuff for the holidays?

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