Sunday, December 20, 2009

wintry fingers, Orly Country club khaki and Lunasol

i'm still having visions of blue and silver for winter (i'm pretending that it's snowing here ;>) and i don't have any silver at home. i decided to go for nude and blue instead.

this is a pretty neat combination of colors. i didn't really like how this blue looked on my fingers but i really love the hue. i noticed that wearing it as a french tip works. so next time you have a color you love but looks awful on you, wear it on the tips.

things i used.

the tips were sponged on. i'm rather addicted to sponging and i find that it's easier to french with a sponge then painting it on directly.


Wishing Star said...

nice job cuz! u really are gd at art!!

suzieduck said...

thanks! i had a lot of fun.

p said...

Your manicure is pretty much more beautiful bright.