Thursday, December 17, 2009

nails here, hair there.

i cut my hair. i don't like it. *sighs* i shoulda stuck to the bob. maybe i will wear my berets till it grows out and doesn't stick up all over the place.

i found the stick on nails that was given to me years ago. i'll probably never wear them but they sure are cute.

i also bought a huge bottle of Seche Vite on saturday. am i insane? the bestest fast dry top coat evah! 'cept for the smell...

some daylight pictures of the red gradation nails from last week.

decided to do a pink gradation love theme nails.

i made polymer clay ribbons and stuck one on my thumb. now i want to pluck it out. lol.

my favourite toes for the holidays. blue and frosty with snowflakes and snowman.

painted some penguins for a demanding colleague today. lol. she wanted all their expressions to be different. i think i actually succeeded.

did something edgy for another sweet colleague.

for another something sweet and pretty.


Evie's Lair said...

I like the charmmy nails, from Evelyn? I got stickers

suzieduck said...

yup from Evelyn. i was wondering why she got me nails.