Tuesday, December 29, 2009

TheFaceShop OR 204 with acrylic nail art

on sunday i hauled a couple of polishes and decided to wear one of them.

it's a yellowish orange that reminds me of a satsuma or mandarin orange but it showed up pink on the first coat due to it's sheer nature. it's more orange then the picture showed it to be. i have not seen the sun in days.

it's great to use as a one color gradient nail. you just have to build up the layers as you near the tip.

of course i have to practice with my acrylics more. on to making more flowers. my favourite design.

i wore these nails on monday. flowers on my thumbs and ring fingers.

hehe. on monday night i wanted to practice somemore so i did the rest of my fingers as well. eh heh heh heh.

i'm not so good with the leaves but i will work on it!


Blair said...

OR204 is such a sweet colour! And you are so talented!! I can never get my nails to look as fabulous as yours!

suzieduck said...

thank you! i really do enjoy doing nail art and playing with acrylics.