Saturday, March 1, 2008

i will survive

the day has passed (well there's another 4 hours till bedtime) and i've survived a full bikini wax. and that's it. i didn't survive the shop that i got the wax from. i ended up with a $$$ cream that's suppose to slow down and reduce hair growth.

i also didn't survive spotlight. i got away with 2 peach (senso has pretty bright colors) and one gold (panda) cotton yarn, a box of buttons, a meter of sofa fabric, and scrap of purple cloth. $$$

i wanted to get the corn and bamboo yarns too but i'm not sure what to do with them yet.

started on making my halter with the new peach yarn. hopefully there'll be no more changes. ergh!!

i think i'm going to hide my credit cards again.

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