Tuesday, March 11, 2008

cycling trivialities

today has not been a good day. right now i still have a lump of discontent in the pit of my belly. *rumbles* *grumbles*

in the morning... haiyoh. let's just say that sometimes things just want to be fought over lah har.

the afternoon went by quite peacefully.

just before the work day ended, my boss dropped my brand new HD and apparently it's spoilt. i haven't even paid the colleague that help me buy it. *heart aches* *heart still aching*

after which we left... halfway, someone forgot her HP. so we decided to wait for her. and it started to rain. NVM. it poured!!!! so we all got wet through.

not to mention that i seem to have pulled the muscle on the right of my neck. wah lao.

i got sun flowers on sunday. they weren't that bad for 5$.

it's been raining since sunday. my sunflowers just drooped lower and lower. to think that it was sunny before i got the flowers.

something to make you happy. *tries to smile*

it is rather pretty, but i had this take it lying down. ha ha haarrr...

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