Saturday, March 1, 2008

stock taking

wanted to take a photo of all my unfinished projects, but think will take some time taking them out. i shall list them instead.

bright pink cable bag
fushia pink rose bag
green fuzzy bag
turquiose blue bobble bag
blue flower big bag

cream bolero from a japanese pattern book

numerous earrings to finish up and post

and right now i'm starting a new halter top. made lots of prototypes, with a blue cotton and a bright fushia pink thing but they don't work. so right now i'm contemplating going out to look for a nice color. can't decide to go spotlight or golden dragon. also cannot decide on a color. pink? yellow? green? not blues. don't feel like browns.. tough leh

i also want to make me a tissue holder. *feels guilty for wanting to do so many things*

the lavender plant needs to be replanted.

also made appointment to go for a full brazilian wax *ish scared* however, i will pass by HMV so i can get the other jose gonzaleas album. *imagines psychedelic colors*

o.0 that would be a nice halter color. or yellow and white shades.. hmmm.... will go spotlight first then.

*crosses fingers*

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