Saturday, March 8, 2008

feathers on my breath

today we're having a nice cool weather with a balmy breeze. the laundry is drying nicely. the music's good and i have my DH next to me *cheesy grin* Isn't it nice...

i've missed out blabbing on one very important thing. I've got braces! they've been up since the mid of january and i expect them to come out by next year. right now i'm staying off the spicy food cause the insides of my cheeks have tiny littly cuts and bruises that sting whenever i have chili. pepper's ok though. phfew.

today i'm going to brag about:

1. the hydrangeas i got for CNY. i threw them away on thurday. they lasted about 1 month. it's pretty cool and i didn't have to get a whole plant.

2. that thing on the back of the flower was a bag that plagued me since last year. i finally got hold of that pattern on valentine's day and had the main body finished in less then 2 weeks i reckon. as usual i procrastinated on sewing up the lining until my mum helped my finished it last sunday. heheh.

actually i should have used a smaller thread for the connecting flowers. right now you can't see the individual blossoms that make up the bag.

3. that FBB that i have been using since this year. wanted to have a keepsake of the lining which is full of poodles.

the pink teddy lost both it's arms. lol. now it look like an akuma.

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