Wednesday, January 9, 2008

travelogue -korea part 2

sunday 23/12/2006

cute roasting van full of chickens at itaewon

christmas eve at vivaldi resort

me giving up at 10 am. omg i can't get up by myself.

the DH looking cool and suave

christmas day at the traditional village and millenium capsule park

yes it's another cat. huge cat. shy cat.

squeezing fun at myeong dong shopping streets

roasting hotdogs! these were great btw

thurday 27th, namdaemun.. it's all shopping people. that's where i got the pretty earrings.

despite the fact that we don't understand each other's language, i still managed to convey that i want to buy different designs. and the stall tender was so sweet. ahh... my happiest buy...

28/12/2006: pyong yong ski resort

anyone who's a fan of bae yong jun? i didn't even watch the show... heheheh

29/12/2006: the market area and dongdaemun.

the kim chee dishes are always there wherever you eat.. 'cept at western restaurants of course.

steam boat for 2! taste the cholesterol

and then we came home...

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