Saturday, September 18, 2010

Orly's Solid Gold KOTD

the neighbour's kids are making a ruckus and OMG the echos down the corridors and stairwells. *feels a migraine coming on*

this color gives me the shivers. good shivers. see the glittery goodness? i'll bet it's look spectacular with a shiny top coat on.

i've used plate m57 for this. i've discovered that i can scratch out the Konad stamp on the matte surface. i guess it's a sacrifice i have to make to retain that matte sheen.

tip wear after a few days. you can see the metallic silver grit that they use to make the polish matte.

brown acrylic powder for the ribbons and flowers. i have not done this for so long. getting real rusty with the shapes.

tip: if you run a remover lightly over this type of matte polish, you can remover the upper colored part and reveal a different look.

i made the mistake of wearing solid without a basecoat. it stained my nails a crazy yellow! i've never experienced staining this bad ever.

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Anonymous said...

this is really cute!