Saturday, September 11, 2010

opi's black onyx hologram goodness with coastal scents glitter

yup. i'm bad with titles. but i love this mani. i've had people asked if this was gel nails. *ish proud*

in the shade.

this is achieved simply but putting on 2 coats of black (i've used OPI's black onyx here), dipping my just painted finger into the baggie of glitter and lightly tap to adhere the glitter better, brush off the excess with a paint brush and then finally a coat of seche vite, or 2.

and because i love this so much, and it's hard to capture the holographic goodness of this NOTD, imma picture spam you guys.

blur shots show better bling.

this was the glitter i got from Coastal Scents 20% sale.

they've also sent me a sample of their golden glitter with i've worn with another NOTD.

more images. feel free to skip. lol!

i took these pics after wearing these nails for about 4 days so there's plenty of the micro scratches on the top coat already. this is a gripe with seche vite top coat, it scratch easily(then there's the smell and the fact that it thickens too quickly)

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