Saturday, September 11, 2010

i'm so excited with this achievment that i just have to quickly blag about it. ;P and plus the fact that i didn't have to spend oodles amount of cash on getting this done.

i bought an Argentinian football iphone case at a sale. since football season is over these were going for $10 as oppose to $35. the reason i choose this design is because it's easier to prettify (not like the german, or brazilian etc). It's a sweet baby blue shade. <3 i started by buying some deco glue. deco glue is a clear viscous liquid that sets in about 1+ hours, so you still have a chance of making little alignment changes. also the viscous properties mean that the lace will not soak up everything and make sticking it to something impossible.

very carefully spread the glue over the lace. i glue down in sections so that i will not creat a sticky mess. deco glue is sticky! remember to avoid the camera hole otherwise you will get shadows.

i simply made a bow with matching blue ribbon and use some deco glue to stick it down.

i've actually worked with the phone in the case because i want to make sure that i have enough clearance for the hinge. otherwise when that glue sets i might not be able to close the case. wait to dry overnight.

i got carried away and didn't capture any 'in progress' pics. basically what i did was to place crystals randomly onto the case. (i removed the phone this time) when i'm about satisfied with the placement i glued everything in place with Diamond Glaze.

i love this so much i think i want to deco my makeup brushes next. all in all, i spent about 20SGD on the crystals and deco glue plus 10SGD on the case. i already have the lace and ribbons and the diamond glaze in my craft stash.

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