Saturday, September 11, 2010

nubar and cherry culture hauls

i wanted to try nubar for some time, since it's BIG 3 free. i'm trying to avoid certain chemicals since we're trying to get preggers. uh huh. (i'm still reliant on seche vite, some things i just won't give up)

i managed to find a seller on evil bay with reasonable prices and decent shipping. all in all i paid 109SGD for these 10 bottles. not too shabby.

i got some chocolates, coral, green and glitter, plus their base coats. so far so good. i'm not fond of the small brush that picks up too little polish at a time.

i've also made use of the Cherry Cultre 20% back to school sale to haul some polishes that i refuse to pay retail for. i'm a cheapskate.:P

actually, together with the shipping i ended up paying a dollor or 2 less than retail. LOL! at least i got to try Sinful Colors.

i've also gotten addicted to buying crystals. be prepared to see these being used heavily in the next series of NOTDs.

blings are so easy to use when in a creative funk. plus i like shiny things.

check out the ombre shades. i want to get more!

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