Monday, March 29, 2010

mermaid toes

i had this crazy idea which i tried out on a nail wheel. i do have all the necessary items.

indoors flash.

indoors no flash.

things you will need.

various base colors in ombre style. i have

TheFaceShop GR501, a light chartruse
NFU Oh 089, a shimery tealish green that's a bit sheer.
Etude House GR603, emerald glittery green
Etude House BL503, cobalt blue with glitter
Ottie(??) or TheFaceShop BL607, a mysterious dark navy blue with purple shimmer.

various glitter in gradual colors to match the polish.

i don't have 'in progress' pics but briefly, all you do is to do a gradation color with the polish and while the last color is still tacky, start laying down the glitters. i start with the darkest glitter (blue in this case), and then slowly work my way up, lashings clear coats between colors. finally topping with top coat for a relatively smooth finish.

i took the opportunity to do my toes when the purple glitter lifted. i wonder how long these will last. i notice that glitters lift easily but are #^%$#@@^ to remove using remover.

indoors no flash.


no flash.


i now have glitter all over the place. next time i'm going to try using reds and oranges, like the sunset.

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Angie said...

These are gorgeous! You should try them on your hands :)