Saturday, March 27, 2010

NFU oh 114 with lace

after the gel escapade i tried real hard to let my nails rest and get some moisture. i lasted a day. on sunday night i really wanted to wear NFU 114, a shimmery pinkish purple. it's such a sweet color. application was easy and dried in a decent time. unfortunately, it doesn't react well with the base coat that i have which resulted in bubbling. i notice some of the NFU shimmers will do that but it doesn't have this funky reaction with the Mavala base coat.

this are the ingredients that you will need for this look.

i shan't go into the usual like base and color. but you will need some scrap lace (i happen to have rolls of lace due to OCD hobby addiction), fine tweezers and scissors, toothpicks or a wet Q-tip(great for picking up things like rhinestones).

so basically what i do is to paint all my nails once with the base color of choice. cut and measure the lace for all my fingers and subsequently when i do the second coat of color, tap the lace over the tacky finger. tweezers or moist toothpick/q-tip with work well. slightly tap the lace in place without smudging the nail polish. stick on some glitter/rhinestones and you're done.

indoors with flash.

i did put on top coat (seche vite) over the completed nail. however, the lace will absorb the polish and turn transparent. the surface will not be smooth unless you are willing to pile on the top coat but you will lose the lace effect too.

changed the design on the thumbs for the sake of continuity.

and because i'm so proud of how this turned out here are some more pictures.

overcast sky.

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