Wednesday, March 24, 2010

body shop, lunasol, magazine hauls

the Bodyshop warehouse sale was held at the same time as the IT show so the DH and I popped by suntec city. i bought a 500G HD as well as some bodywash.

i seems i don't have to get any shower gel for a long while. i'm not in the habit of hauling necessities but i do stock and and will use them all up before my next purchase. no problem with "hitting pan" on these.

i also got me some cute earrings at Bugis Street. these were 3 pairs for 5$. its a steal! the quality's not bad.

took the opportunity at the Kino members sale and bought 3 more nail magazines. Spring and weddings. everythings so pretty. i want to try out so many ideas.

i have not tried out the Lunasol Spring Palette #2 nature green. i only recall liking all the colors when i swatched it at the counter.

some close ups. with flash.

overcast light.

of all the lovely designs in the nail mags, this one particularly stood out. must attempt this one day.


Jamilla Camel said...

Gorgeous Lunasol Palettes!

Popcorn said...

That Lunasol Palette is soo pretty~
Can you do swatches of it after you use it? Thankies!