Tuesday, March 23, 2010

superstar glitter toes

this look is so so so spectacular. i'm loving the lavender color and the bling. i wonder what with the DH think of them?

this idea was from a nail mag i got call ErikoNails. her designs are pretty and classic without being gaudy.

here's a brief tutorial.

these are the things you will need.

the glitter are actually from the magazine/mook. i painted my toes with a base purple color, which might or might not make a difference, i gues depending on how thick you pile on the glitter later.

using a clear coat polish, pick up some fine glitter with the brush and coat your nails thoroughly.

missing some spots is ok bacause you're going to cover them up with different size glitter.

this the end result of coating with the fine glitter.

next, use the same method with the mid size glitter. the coating will be more sparse so use the brush to spread the glitters more evenly. a thick coat is not required.

with the largest gliter, use a toothpick to pick them up and place them sparingly over the other 2 layers. wet the toothpick to help adhere the glitter.

you might want to cover any bald spots with the large glitter.

a glitter bomb pedicure is done!

you might not e able to pick out the difference in the individual sized glitters but the big one help to reflect light making it shine. but i also liked it with just the dense and fine glitter.

i did this nails on friday and they popped out today, which is a tuesday. my basecoat never really dried and were kinda like stringy glue. at least it saved me the pain of having to remove them with nail polish. all i did were to soak my feet in warm water to loosen the base coat. another great reason to do another pedi.

these were the nails that came out whole. hee...


Jamilla Camel said...

I LOVE that purple glitter!! How fun!

Anonymous said...

Your toes look amazing! Very beautiful, kinda hot ;)