Thursday, March 25, 2010

purple and white glitter gel nails

bought some swarovski crystals at the beads shop and really wanted to do a japanese style bling nails.

here's the outcome. i loved them and the stubbies make the effect cuter. i know gils who go for gel nails will also get extensions at the same time but on my fingers, stubbies look cute IMO.

slight overcast sky.

indoors with flash.

and guess what? i only managed to wear them for less then 24 hours. i completed them at 1am saturday morning, went out and then a nail popped out at 3 pm when i was cleaning the kitty litter. so i went ahead and pried them out. some of my nails peeled along when the gel lifted but otherwise my nails went unharmed.

here's the pictorial proof. they actually came out whole and i guess i can stick them back on but this is an excuse to try out another mani.

my next mani involves lace.