Monday, February 8, 2010

manicure services for CNY

hello friends and relatives, i'm thinking of offering my nail painting services for the CNY. if you don't mind letting me practice on you. LOL. i'm still shy about working with strangers so i won't extend the service to the public yet.

my time's free for most of the week at night from after dinner around 8pm.

you can bring me a pic of the design you'd like me to copy, or just go with the flow...

here's a break down of the price list.

3 color gradation with sparkles = $12
plain color with paint on accents = $12 (2 fingers each) or $16(all fingers)

also available are 3-D acrylic flowers n ribbons. i'm only good with these LOL! but if you want like doggies or cupcakes you can let me know in advance so i can pre-make them.

i also have clear, blue and pink crystals. fimo flowers. glitter.. SMS me if interested.

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