Saturday, February 6, 2010

trip to Harbin and shopping in Beijing

i joined my Dh in BJ in the previous week and we stopped by Harbin for the weekend. it was "warm" at -17oC. LOL. we were very fashionable in our oversized ski gear but luckily we left before the temperature plummets to -30oC.

carriage ride across the frozen river, SongHua Jiang.

playing with snow in TaiYangDao.

looking like a terrorist in the Winter ice carving festival.

visiting the Siberian Tiger reserve. BESTEST! there were loads of baby tigers, so fluffy! i wanna cuddle all of them but they might bight my head off.

we also did A LOT of shopping in Beijing. bought more kites and our new ski wear and boots for me.

we actually didn't buy a lot did we? they just spread out wiiiide.

2 led table lamps, ski jackets and pants and "UGG" boots. some heat packs, DVDs for my mum, magazines and books, Chinese new yeay deco and ang pao, mushrooms and fungi from harbin, plus nail polishes and UV lamps and nail gel kit.

we also got a kitty house.

some succulent plants and lavender which we hand carried.

DH looking quite dashing with our loot.

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Jamilla Camel said...

How FUN! Such cute tigers!
Thanks for the pics!