Thursday, February 25, 2010

CNY yellow sparkly gel nails

i bought a gel nails kit in my last trip to beijing and i did my nails for the chinese new year.

this is how it looks like when i finish applying the gel. love the glitter!

i made the acrylic flowers separately and stuck them onto the nails a day later. i also made tiny hearts to celebrate valentine's day which fell on the same day as CNY.

unfortunately, these nails only lasted me 5 days. i took them out and practiced my gel application again, this time with peachy pink and white glitter.

i really loved how the qhite turned out, really frosty, like how an ice queen would look like.

i am getting slightly better at cuticle avoidance. these nails also lasted me 5 days before lifting and i plucked them out too. they're supposed to get soak-off gels and incubating them with a soaked cotton pad saturated with acetone remover does help a bit. they're fun to pull off the nails though.

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