Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coddled Eggs

i was reading SuperKawaiiMama and i came across her recipe for coddled eggs.

i made some one day for dinner but i also put in some mushrooms and blue cheese for a bit of a kick!

i buttered the bread with the crusts cut off and pressed them down into muffin pans using my knuckles. the mushrooms were cooked with some butter and salt and pepper in the microwave. they'd be better if pan fried but i didn't want to soil another pan. :P

a tiny dollop of blue cheese was placed into the bread cups followed by some mushrooms.

3 eggs were lightly beaten with some salt, pepper and rosemary and spooned into the cups. bake for 220 for 10 mins, depending on how well cooked you like your eggs.

i served them with some ketchup.

they were good but not filling enough so the DH made some instant noodles to supplement the meal. LOL!

i've been playing with my nails. once i load them up we'll have NOTD posts!

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