Wednesday, December 2, 2009

great big nail post amd photo spam

Now that I’ve stopped crafting I’ve been painting my nails. It seems that I keep buying polishes and I change colors about 3 times a week.
I had this bright idea to paint my nails to look like strawberries so I choose a bright pink. But I had 3 bright pinks and I wore 2 on alternate fingers for a day before deciding that neon pinks makes my fingers look dark and washed out.

i'm actually wearing 3 different pinks on my nails here. i wanted to try another shade.

i hated how neon pink make my fingers look so... i removed everything again and put on a dark green

i painted the leaves with a mix of greens (was trying to find something striking) and a dark berry red polish.

i didn't like how hard it was to draw with polish and that i don't have the right shades so i was lemming some acylic paints. so on friday i went to Art Friend and came back with these... heheheh

i also dropped by Etude House and got another 2 dark glittery colors. i'm really like dark colors on my fingers lately. it's either darks or nudes.

got tired of the bad job with the strawberries and got rid of them. decided to play with my new paints on saturday.

my left drawn by my right.

my right drawn by my left.

on sunday the DH wanted to "renovate" the bathtub so we spent a good part of the evening chipping away at the lime/grout. so my lovely green nails were a bit worn out (actually it was only a bit of tip wear and scratches that can be solved with a fresh top coat) and i decided on some new nails on monday.

what i used.

1x base coat, 2x sheer nude brown, 2x shimmery nude on tip. paint on flower petals(rose paint), dot the middle(cream) and dot the french tip smile line (peach), 2x seche vite for extra shine.

left hand.

right hand

decorated my toes last night. i'm still sore about not perfecting strawberry nails.

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