Sunday, November 22, 2009

4.. FOUR huals.. ah ha ha ha (count dracula style)

this was my shopping from the Changi Airport DFS from way back (lol) when i left for Beijing. since i travelled alone, i had ample time to source out the things i wanted. namely, a pink gloss, any gloss or lippie that's of purple or violet tones and some other stuff as pressies.

my Fyrinnae purchases arrived while we were still in BJ so i had a nice package waiting in the mailbox. these are "Fall" colors that i've picked.

i wore Fools gold with Lust bunnies(orange) and i love the look. very edgy and definately eye catching especially during the morning OL transit on the train.

these are what i got last sunday, when Evie and i visited the Kitty Lab.

i bought this golden gray parka thingy and it's in a scratchy wooly material but i love the color and the cut. a colleague said that i was wearing a gunny sack. lol. pish posh! i still love it although it made me itch.

found some cool nail colors by Elianto and also got a YSL rouge at the RObinson expo sale. (it's not very clear in the pic. me use camera phone)

and these were from yesterday's shopping outing with an olde olde friend (since primary school). she made appointments for us to have makeovers at the kanebo counter with the cute japanese makeup artist. he spoke very good mandarin (swoons). so i got a face wash since it was on half price offer, and also a palette from the older collections. my makeover was from the new fall collection but in the end i decided against it since i plan to buy somemore blues from Fyrinnae.

i was given the Impress I skincare set as well as a puff blush from Coffret'Dor. Kino was having a 20% members off so i borrowed my friend's card and got a mag. exchanged my Taka Points and got the Dior's Smoky Crystal. w00t!

off to dinner with mummy!

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Jamilla Camel said...

Very impressive!! I love the kitteh too!