Friday, November 6, 2009

Beijing 2009 haul

one the day before we leave we decided to lay out everything we bought. ignore the pile of laundry behind/beside me.

that large box on the left top corner is a mop and bucket system. *nods head* un huh. we came all the way here and bought a mop. the bucket has a little foot powered centrifuge that will spin dry your mop. also in this box is a cat scratching post.

in the front of the box you will see some long things which are kites, like the one i'm holding up. and those brown wheelie things are for the kite strings. we are very professional kite flyers. *actually the last i flew a kite was when i was 17**coughs*

the kites all opened and displaying their full glory.

in the front of the wheelies are 2 pairs of waterproof hiking shoes. these were promised not to be *imitations* and are the real things. dose anyone knows if Clarks makes hiking shoes?! but they worked so i'm good since we got to test time in the snow.

next to the shoes on the right a cross stitch pre-packs. 2 Neargo(cat city) books and 3 mandarin books with hanyupinyin for kids.(i don't know why i got these but they are the bomb!)

you will see that at the bottom on the bed i have nail polishes! my only other MU related items from BJ. i also got a tub of honey body cream and some face masks. this does not inlcude my DFS buys.

while we were exploring and getting lost, we found this wholesale mall that sell makeup and nail salon good. Hualage time. i actually didn't buy anything first since i couldn't remember how much these things costs. but after surfing a bit, we went back another day to get them. i have the nicest DH in the world. ah ha ha. he helps feed my addiction.

i also got 2 bags, one of real buffulo leather for 595 yuan and another pvc one for ~100yuan. they're both dark brown lol.

2 tee shirt for the bro, the green communist and one that has pandas in different taichi poses. <3<3 3 luili pendents at "wholesale" prices. i doubt the authenticity of these but they came complete with the boxes and baggies and certificates even. a couple of arthouse DVDs for my mother who had given me a list. my DH faux ski pants. that gray pile sitting underneath the 4 persimmons.

on the far right where the pillows are you will see a packet of Peking roast duck which i gave to da boss, a pile of fall maple leaves(a very weird purchase, right next to the mop and bucket)(we ventured into a fake flowers and handicrafts mall, have i said that i love BJ yet?), some red packets designed for wedding uses(great for weddings packets, we're always running out of suitable red packets since most of them are new year themed and not so appropriate) a pricey pair of orange kitty shoes(375yuan)

in the middle you will see a Doraemon dispenser(hand soap?) and on the right is a kitty bowl. inside are some pine cones we picked at TainTan park. in the front there's a baggies of "Cow Horn" nuts. i have no idea what they're called. i recalled eating them when i was younger and mummy made "helicopters" from the shell but the DH has never seen them before so we got them. we didn't even eat them because they smelt off. hahaha.

i think the only thing i didn't take a piccy of is the jade bangle i got for 300yuan. i'm wearing it now but i think i should get it valuated. the thing about jade bangles are that they'll age you like one thousand years and make everything you wear seem outdated.

am i overdoing the description here? :P


Jamilla Camel said...

I'm amazed you fit all of that into your luggage!!

Evie's Lair said...

Great trip, and a super haul...yeah!