Sunday, August 2, 2009


during our first week in Munich, we made a side trip to Salzburg, the birth place of Mozart, as well the place where they filmed the Sound of Music.

we rented a car and took 3 of the DH colleges along. with me as the guide. haha, they're all at the mercy of my map navigating skillz/GPRS.

we managed to get there by late lunch. i made the DH take a small detour when we passed by another one of Bavaria many lakes.

Finally, Mozart's birth house. we didn't go in. as expected from any touristy location, full of tourists. :P

another romantic "by the bridge" picture

apparently they're still discoverying archeological important finds when they're renovating/reconstructing. same as when we were in Praque. that's the beauty of building over old foundations. it helps to preserve things very well.

the sunday market was in progress.

i grew up reading Enid Blyton so it was very exciting for me to see these babies. oh i eat them all the time, but we usually get them in their brown roasted shells already.

that's it for Salzburg. it's a small place and all the major sites can be covered on foot. i originally planned to see some other places but we ended up getting lost and felt it was safer to drive back to Munich. tt gets dark too early in autumn.

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Jamilla Camel said...

Fantastic pictures! Thanks for posting whilst travelling!

We've got those chesnut trees across the road and the squirrels go crazy in the autumn!