Sunday, August 2, 2009


I don't suppose blogger wants to load properly on this computer anymore. huge bummer. so here goes, Praque in october of 2008.

actually im' just going to say that i love trout. it's amongst the most amazingly tasty fish i have ever eaten. the next best was some unknown fish in Shanghai (i suspect catfish but it was already cut up in pieces).

i also love the bread pudding in Praque, not to mention the goulash.

so anyways, we left Munchen for Praque from Hauptbahnhof, the central train station.

we arrived in the late afternoon while there was still light and went looking for our lunchner. afterwards we did some initial exploring round the new town.

modern shopping street.

Praque is famous for many eerie tales, as you can see from the scary looking churches and cathedrals.

however these buildings are full of history and are actually very pretty during the day.

we stayed in a backpackers lodge and our room could accomodate 3 but we requested for privacy.

the shared toilet is actually down the hall and lets just say i had to go to the loo many times. it's a long trek. luckily the windows in the toilet was double paned so it was not so cold during my twice a day shower.

even the hub caps are beautiful in this historical town.

there seem to be a freak cold spell when we were there (it did snow in germany) so it was very windy and cold during our entire trip. the mist and fog made the place rather sad.

if i were to remember correctly, the green domed building is a theater. praque is full of theaters and there are people performing almost nightly. emsembles and orchestras and singers and not to mention the numerous puppet shows. the churches all turn into mini theaters at night.

like i said, artists are everywhere. music fills the air and there's always something interesting to watch.

John Lennon's wall. when he was assasinated some guy grafittied on this wall, drawing his portrait. countless people have drawn over the original portrait.

i'm happiest when i am hiking.

a lovely couple taking their wedding photoes. i think they might actually be from China or Taiwan.

and finally, the Praque Castle at night, taken from the New town. the Castle is located across the bridge, at the Old town.

we left on a tuesday morning back into Munich to pick up our car and embark on our road trip.

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Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the great pics! I am going to Prague for the first time in September on a business trip for one week--I hope to get out and see just a few of the sights you've seen!