Wednesday, July 29, 2009

german holiday - pt 3

Still at the Bodensee, but at the town of ... Omg I can't remember already. but i think it's where you can see the ballons. basically we drove around the whole of the Lake until the Swiss border.

the car door got frozen shut!

our lovely hotel in the black forest

after breakfast, we drove back downhill and proceeded to Colmar, a town at the French/German border. the site along the way was spectacular, it was a romantic christmas scene except that it was october.

on we go into France!

Colmar is a very well preserved medieval town and is also known as the Venice of France with it's many canals.

we walked around the town and had lunch. the place had a very christmassy atmosphere and i bought me the yummiest gingerbread man at a christmas treats shop. we also came across a mushroom shop. hee!!

after that we had to head back into Germany as the sun does set very early in autumn.

more snowcapped mountains. our night was spent at another town in the black forest.

in the morning, we explored the town and it specialises in coukoo clocks. haha. how do you spell that? how can we not visit the black forest and not come back with a cuukoo clock. heehee.. we got a small one.

after this we drove back toward Munich and stopped by another town of ??? for the night before our flight homw the next day. there's this darling plush shop...

i want everything in there!

i miss germany. i loved it when i was there. i would go back again if i have sufficient funds and leaves to take. :P:P:P

i will try to put up the rest of my european trip in the next intervening... days i hope. besides Bavaria we also went to Salzburg(day trip) as well as Praque.


Jamilla Camel said...

We've done the Romantische Strasse (Romantic Road) and it was fab! Your pics remind me of our trip.

We just got back from Germany, from the Eifel rained!

suzieduck said...

lol! yes it was either raining or snowing while we were on our trip. even when we were in Colmar.

your trip looks amazing too! i'd like to go into France and Britain one day.