Wednesday, July 29, 2009

korean hauls

my husband was in Seoul a few weeks ago and i gave him a rather long shopping list. to make things easier, i restricted my items from only Etude House and SkinFood and FaceShop. it rather amuses me that the reason for him to leave the hotel room besides going to work was only to eat, or to do shopping for me. the poor thing! even when i am not with him he seems to be shopping too...

i was about to run out of cleansing oil and face wash so that was included in the etude hauls. i also got the peeling kits since i am obsessed with removing dead skin as my pores clog easily and milia will form.


another lot of skin peels from the FaceShop. lovely stuff. the toe separators and samples were gifts, as well as the plastic bag underneath.

after he realised how cheap the sunblock were, the DH bought a couple more. we now have enough sunblock for the rest of the year! the DH knows a deal when he knows one. heeheehee!!

i love the masks from the FaceShop. most of them work more or less, but for the price there isn't very much to complain, except that they were a big big for my face.

sheet masks

various brushes from EtudeHouse and SkinFood


i rather like the skunk brush from etude and so far i'm using one of the e/s brush also from etude. it has a few hairs that poke but otherwise it is firm and i like it for blending. it is again a bit big for me. i like smaller brushed for more precise application since i like to go for super bright colours.

and finally some nail files and polishers

nail files

these were discovered by the DH on one of his previous trips. he was very excited with his find and is constantly showing off his shiny polished nails to me. i can never keep the shine on my nails from the constant washing and crafting and glue stuck on them. :P

lastly, i had a last minute list and they were some e/s. DH managed to get 2 out of the three. no pics for these :P

i must really thanks my very patient DH for offering to buy me things whenever he is away. the last time he got me ribbons from shanghai and i am very grateful for them.

my throat, nose and head is killing me. my is very "heaty" from durians and chempadaks! yummy tropical fruits with strong smells!

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