Sunday, April 5, 2009

my fingers are in pain

i sort of went all ambitious and decided to make a cluster of rape blossoms kanzashi, even though march jsut passed and it is now out of season. however, that cheery roll of yellow organza was just edging me on and on friday i ran across and bought a crescent shaped hair clip which was perfect for me idea.

lots of pieces n circles to cut.

and to pin into shape.

and bases to wire and wrap.

the squares are folded and sewed into a rough shape.

and finally the petals were glued onto the wire n felt bases. i got too carried away here so i didn't take any pictures :P

and the seperate flowers were wired onto the clip..

more pictures are on my shop.

on a different note, i bought these chio chio shoes at almost half price! ah ha ha ha!!

they were originally exorbitantly priced. goody goody gosh.

nice smell..

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