Tuesday, March 24, 2009

take a breather

uh huh. i need to take a break from my usual manic manufacturing mode. my shoulders and neck are killing me. but i'm pretty satisfied with my lastest collection of kanzashi flowers.

i bought me some satin ribbons and japanese chirimen fabric and had been in a whirlwind of making these cute flowers.

the blue hydrangeas headband is still a WIP. i'm waiting for my green ribbons to arrive.

the pink flowers may be turned into individual hair pins/a single large updo pin.

i can't think of what i want to do with the rest. dang! i wish my hair was the huge long curly mass i had before so that i can put my hair up and wear pins in the bun. aiyah!

speaking of green ribbons, i asked the DH to help me procure them as he was in Shanghai during the weekend and these were what he got.

how exciting! i'm glad he did the shopping cos he chose exciting colors. actually they were what was left over in the shop. these are 5 cm wide ribbons and pre-ordering was actually required. anyways i'm glad he bought them cos if it were up to me, i'd probably get only shades of pink.

i can't wait for him to come back and hand them over. he is still somewhere in china. :P it's hard to track his travel route. he keeps changing hotels. hahaha!

right now i'm craving some tea. teh O!

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