Friday, June 12, 2009

sunset with cows- German holiday Pt 1

i'm not a very good blogger am i? :P i guess it's because i am not really a multitasking person. or rather, my interests will wax and wane with time. i know that i never did blag about our glorious long holiday in Europe, or bits of it but i was walking home from my mum's today and i reminisced about the sunset and the sounds of cowbells in the Bavarian countryside. i really missed that and the romance of a pastoral life. to think that i've already come back from another holiday just this may. :P

we were in bits of europe for the longest time.. about 15 days in october of 2008. that's long in my account. we spent about 9 days in Munich and whilst the DH was having his training, i was exploring the town. i'll just recap some of my more memorable times.

of course one must not forget to mention all the lovely churches, all located around the Marienplatz. yes, i did managed to track down all the notable churches that was mentioned in the"Insight Guides". my favourite was the Assamkirche with all it OTT decorations.

i also had to climb up the St. Francis? church tower TWICE because the DH accidentally deleted all the photoes i took for the day. ( it included the all the lovely pictures of the churches and the view of most of Munchen.

view from top of St. Francis (at least i tihnk it is St. francis because apparently these photoes weren't labelled.)

one of my favourite and most exciting day was when i visited the Deutches Museum. no explanations needed but i have to say that i wished i got there earlier cos i spent about 6 hours there till they had to close and i have not even seen the entire left wing.
boats and ships and planes and rockets. all real!!

check out the pizza! too bad we didn't have any because we were going to meet some other people for pork knuckles, yummy!

the famous pork knuckle which we ate a lot of

i also fell in love with the trout. mmmm... i want some right now.

i collect a lot of these. i plan to turn them into a collage. one day.

one of the scenes that i hold dear in my heart was the sounds of the cow bells set against the setting sun. we were on our way back from one of our weekend excursions from visiting the Linderhof and Neuschwanstein. it was about 4 pm and the sun was setting behind the hills. the cows were grazing in the pastures and we stopped the car for photoes. everyone got out except me cos i was too lazy to put on shoes again. so i stuck my head out of the car window to admire the view, the radio was on so i didn't notice anything till i heard bells clanging softly. i turned down the sound and OOOooOOOoo.. such lovely music coming from the cow bells as they eat and shake their moo moo head. so romantic. *daydreams* i love love love Bavaria.

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