Monday, March 16, 2009

manic monday

day 1 of the bazaar passed and i am tired! OMG! i'm so not cut out for tending a stall/shop. 2 more days to go. i hope tomorrow will be a busier day(in terms of sales of course). i'm glad i have a friend and the DH to help out cos we do all need our tea and pee breaks. tomorrow the DH will go off again so it's only my friend and me.

a fellow stall holder suggest that i try the red dot museum instead. she says it's all hand crafty things there so the crowd may be more recepient. but the situation here today is that there wasn't any crowd. so unlike what i remembered many years ago. boo...

we got our new washing machine on sunday. it's so water conserving that i don't even see water in the drum! at least the older machine looked wetter despite being a water conservation model as well. i keep suspecting that the new machine is faulty in it's water estimate, and my cloths won't come out clean. hmm... this problem needs to be resolved.

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