Sunday, February 22, 2009

big flying cockroach

the cat was stalking something in the toilet and it was a huge cockroach. it was not flying. *phfew* so i attacked it with a baygone spray. the spray was... shall i say very effective. as i watch the big brown thing flop over and twitch its crunchy legs i felt bad. really bad. normally i have to spray insecticide at them flying things while they escape and take a really long time to expire and usually i just pick up the weak but not yet dead creature and flush them down the loo. but tonight, the concentrated spray (through a long nozzle) really killed that bug. and it just died. it's really horrible to see something expire. :(

my mum's plant flowered and they are the cutest things. i couldn't stop looking or touching them. so velvety. and they smell sorta stinky and sweet at the same time. i can fit this whole bunch into my palm. and i gots small hands.

today has been a very productive day. i made cookies and tart shells and pieced the entire collection of fuzzy charms.

the whip cream will take another day or so to dry completely before i can varnish them and glue into place. right now i've got a couple of completed ones and the rest assembed but not glued/varnished. i'm so pleased with these.

tomorrow i'll have to finish up my birdie collection. and hopefully make a few more before my arm and shoulder stiffen up.

and the reason why my photoes look so fuzzy is because i've been taking them with my phone, which boasts a 8 or 10 MB resolution but since my hands seem to be trembly lately so... and i still think no matter what an actual camera will always do better than a hp.

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