Sunday, March 8, 2009


so i finally saw the SATC and really liked this bag. but apparently i've read some reviews and quite a number of people hates it. :P i do rather like the flamboyant things.
wouldn't it be cool if someone were to get it for me. ha ha ha!!!
anyways, i was at Coach Taka today and tried this on. actually i didn't see this color there but the blue was quite nice. or black. or bronze goldie. or pink.

itsh sho comfortables. i covet. but since i already have a similar, i have not more quota for bags. booooo!!!!
this looks quite nice too. love the greens.

can you imagine? my cloths are already so colorful, and i like even more colorful bags. and shoes. and jewellery. i'm afraid i'm going to turn into and obiang 30 year old. aiyoh. must try to be more stylish...

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Jamilla Camel said...

Hey, I have a pink Mulberry bag--no shame in liking bright colours!!