Sunday, February 15, 2009

unbeing a hermit

let me show you what have me occupying my time since july.

i managed to finish it when he was in korea just before christmas. wah lao eh. i literally didn't do anything much. and when i did, i didn't have time to upload them.

i do recall making a bunch of fuzzy cakes and donuts.....

anyways, the sweater ended up being a leetle too big for the DH. this means lots of unravelling and restructuring. oh me goodness *faints* i'm very tempted to put it in hot water to shrink it.

i made the DH do my xmas shopping for me whilst in korea. *shows off the haul*

all these just for meeeee... once again he gets off not having to buy me any pressies, on his own i mean.

and these are the various feebies and samples that he got from the shops. cat not included.

wah... fwee eyelash curler.. i have not opened it yet even. so many things to try but not enough time to use.
i had a fun time wrapping up presents last year. 2008 i mean. which isn't such a long time ago. i'm looking forward to another christmas, but gift buying is getting more and more difficult.

this is the only thing i made as presents this time. but since then i have made a few more for the shop.

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