Monday, January 14, 2008

random monday photos

i uploaded the pictures i took with my new phone. it's much easier now since i can take out the memory card and use a thumbdrive. better than my old one anyways.

this here is very large bowl of pomegranate seeds from 1 very large pomegranate. it took me 2 days to finish them all by myself. not one else bothers to eat this stuff. the ruby red seeds are very pretty. yummy too. i wonder if pomegranate is heaty...

this is the resident cat of our block. she's such a pretty thing. many people feed her so i don't. but she liks the occasional mr. bean ice cream. i do too. :)

these 2 are always together. sure a lovely pair. nope... they're both girls. one is older than the other. not mother and child.

girl girl is desperate for a good scratch after wearing the elizabeth collar for 2 weeks. she's all better now but previously she had a huge gash on her derriere and saw lice.. whatever those things are.

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