Tuesday, January 22, 2008

procrastination always wins

it's QL's birthday. HAPpPpY BirThdAY!!! hoped you liked all your pressies. i'm sure this is a good day since the BOSS is not here today and we can all relax and have a quiet time.

tomorow is my presentation and i'm being super duper lazy. i've got most of the stuff down but i need to read up some stuff. however! *thunder rolls* , i found this site instead. hehehe Ultra Kawaii!!!

it's lovely. some of the episodes are in shockwave flash that means i can watch it at work. (we're banned from all streaming media and loads of fabulous sites.

using the mac to blog is not happening. a lot of my functions are unavailable. tsk.

i'm goign back to watch vids. toodleloos...

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