Sunday, December 2, 2007

precious weekend

why does the weekend has to be so short? there's so many things that i want to do and my day job is in the way. :P

the fat bottom bag is getting to me. i really must have the pattern! last night we stopped at the national library only to find that their have a non existant crochet section?! NLB is sucky. but we did a check and found that the bishan branch has 3 and they are all on loan but the tampinese branch has one is available. and we also discovered that if we were to reserve it, there's a 1.55$ charge when we collect. eep! maybe later i'll make a trip down instead to try my luck.

then we went and got me a new mobile. scary q at M1 bugis. thanks a lot to the DH!

otherwise, the week's been rather quiet. however, i went to the bead shops on wednesday and promptly went berserk. so we got me some new things to put up at the shop.

i did try my hands again at making 'claypot' rice with 2 chicken legs. legs had been soaked O/N with chinese rice wine, then a dash of balsamic vinegar, rosemary, sesame seed oil, pepper and salt. i think that's it. east-west fusion marinade. cook rice with salted fish, garlic and soacked mushrooms. when the rice is cooked i added a bit more water plus the chicken and it's sauce. so the rice came out soggy agian. *sighs*

tastes good though. next time need dark soy sauce and less water. gah!

yesterday at NTUC i decided to purchase a bottle of the Manuka honey. when i opened it i thought that it had a wax layer protecting the surface, but i tasted it and realise that it's the honey. i didn't know that the consistency is so thick. it's got a woodsy grassy taste. quite yummy.

see the hole i gouged out. amazing!

this is how the tree looks like now. it's full of odds and ends type of decorations. cool ya?

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