Thursday, December 20, 2007

it's cold out

and i don't want to go out. i'm going to spend today updating stuff. i've been obsessed with more clay cupcakes in my absence.

i was honing my micro drawing skillz! check out the details on the cakes. i tried to duplicate the designs on my toes. and as you can see, i'm into the peacock green/turquoise this time.

i've used up a few to make earrings and phone charms. if you like the have plain ones please let me know before i turn them into 'zngged' earrings.

i've also made more earrings and bracelets. including some presents.

this was rushed out for YY. they're way to adorable.

i'm in korea btw. :) it looks like china.. like any place that has land. low buildings. large sky :)) cold and gray. the cold makes me itch because of the dry skin. so i have to moisterise, which is something that i never do back in sg. this adds another 3o mins to my showering routine.

back to more tidying up of my stock. still thinking of a way to organise my shop. however i can't seem to find a way on this blog to make thumbnails so i guess you guys will have to just surf through the whole thing.

hope the DH gets off work soon so we can go out for dinner.

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