Wednesday, December 26, 2007

christmas is fun in korea

there are lots of pwetty lights and twees! and it's fun to squeeze in myeongdong even though there were lots of peeple cos it nice and cold and your thick jackets bumper you from the crowd. tee hee.

after so many days i managed to get me a pair of chio boots for 39 000 won (62$). things are so expensive here. i keep picking up pweety shoes that cost an excess of 100 000 W (=158sgd) and that is after discount! *dies* the winter wear here's pwetty too but not suitable for us.

so my best buy so far was 3 set of underwear for 10 000W *ah ha ha ha* , earrings from 1000 to 3000W, and lots of beauty care from face shop, skin food, etude and tom n molly. i love to shop at the beauty shops. they throw in so many freebies and free samples.

so that's how we spent christmas day. slept in really late cos we were in pain, had a nice crab fried rice (lots of crab) at this cute chinese restaurant and went to squeeze with the crowd. and we accidentally went to the millenium capsule at a 'traditional korean village' tourist site.

right now i don't ache so much any more. that's cos we went skiing on christmas eve! i am not sure i like skiing. cos i don't like speed. omg, we spent an entire day at the ski resort and i fell as many times as i got up. ha ha.. *cries* however, i would like to do it again, at a place where there isn't so many people. i'm so scared of crashing into someone cos i can't brake!

it's been quite and enjoyable stay. on saturday we stumbled on an artist/designer village between changgyeonggung palace and gyeongbokung palace, not to mention the expensive restaurants and boutiques that lined the area. that's were we had the 18 000W (28.5$) waffles and coffee. we also passed by the vice presidents residence that was at the area, trek down to insa-dong handicrafts center and had 19000W oyster ommelette. (goodness ya!)

most of the restaurents had a really nice ambiance though. it's like a tree house! in fact, most of the eating places we went to had really nice decorations. even the family run ones.

and on the same saturday, we went to myeongdong church, passed by the shopping district, went by the jewellery street and ended up on dongdaemun and shopped till pass 10pm. dongdaemon had 3 large malls (there are more) that runs 24 hours. but things are not cheap there.

i can't recall what we did on sunday. oh. we went to gangnam first cos it's near our hotel. much trekking. then it'aewon. more of a tourist place. not so nice. and we came back early to as to sleep early to go skiing at 5 am the next day.

so far the only place that we haven;t been yet is the wholesale market at namdaemun, at that runs from 11 pm till 5 am. but i am sure the other shops open at humanly hours.

right now i am watching a korean movie about 2 guys, one old one young and their battle for their boobylicious tenant, who i think is married? it's funny in a crude way. lots of gratuitious boob grabbing.

i really should go out and walk a bit but i'm lazy.

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