Monday, October 11, 2010

Goodies in the bag Pt3

Things came in the mail last week too! My Nars' 18% spree items arrived as well as some polishes from Nailvibe.

let's talk about the polishes.

after falling in love with Nars' Midnight Express and realising that there's no way i can get my grubby hands on them i went on a blue polish hunt. i settled for OPI's Dating a Royal; and of course i HAD to buy more than 1, my first Essies another gold for frankening and art.

Nars goodies. Luster blush, Hungry Hearts highlight bronzer duos and Barbarella lipstick.

i was in a bronzer mood when i ordered these so the colors are in the same tones.

here's a better color rep of Luster, which i am liking much more than Orgasm (i'm thinking of having a blog sale for that).

swatches from top to bottom: Luster blush, HUngry Hearts duo and Barbarella lipstick.

Hungry hearts is very glittery, which i am not overly fond of, but it does manage to give my cheeks a nice glow. definitely not bronzer material.

Barbarella is another peachy nude color but it is a bit on the sheer side and thus require more work on darker lips like mine.

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