Monday, October 11, 2010

Goodies in the bag Pt4

my cousin offered to help me get some things while he's on his belated European honeymoon so of course i just HAD to give him a list.

He stopped by London and got the saddlebag that i requested. it's a little smaller than i had anticipated and i regretted not ordering the diaper bag instead.

He also stopped by Paris and i made him go to one of my Favourite finds in Paris. The Fragonard perfumerie. my list included the "box of 10 mini perfume" as well as both the children's one

he only managed to get his hands on the children's set as the other was sold out. :( i'm currently wearing the Little Adventurer's scent and it's invigoratingly citrusy :)

Hershey's chocolate world has a new outlet in Tampines mall. Reeses peanut butter cups. 'Nuff said! LOL!!

Here's the cat looking fluffy.

End of "Hauls blogging" for this week. I must start to save up the extras for my trip in December. i will be in Melbourne for training and then some vacationing. Any recommendations makeup and nail polish wise? i'm also looking forward to fleas and craft shops too!

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