Thursday, April 8, 2010

Orly's Cashmere cardigan

i've got only a couple of Orlys and so far the creams are easy to apply. 2 coats usually suffice but i tend to do 3, just to see if there's any difference.

i really wanted to try CC out because i was watching the sky from my bed on good friday and it was a purplish blue, and CC was the only polish i had that kinda represented the color of the sky.

on me, it looks more like a bluish purple than a purplish blue most of the time. now i need a plurplish blue to make my life complete ;>

very pretty, very bright and a unique color. i feel very obvious when i was wearing it, since the polish wearing crowd tend towards pinks and the occasional black/dark blue for the young 'uns.

on a side note, i finally caved in and bought my first konad set on saturday. i was at Jurong Point shopping mall and went into this shop called "beadled"? they sold beads and nail art items.

and the story goes: i went into the shop, browsed around, saw the konad plates all laid out, saw the price of the set, went out, dittered for a bit before saying to the DH, "i want to go back and get those." to which he said, "i'll wait for you outside." <3<3<3

i guess he was being very sweet because i was real upset with the closure of WAX IN THE CITY^&%$&**%%* (i have a $1499 package with them)(he also walked all over the mall with me when i declared a craving for bubble tea).

anyway, i paid SGD$29.90 for 2 plates (of my choice), 3 bottles of mini polish(of my choice) plus the small stamper and scraper. i think the price is quite all right since OCnailart is going for the same but i still have to facter in the shipping costs.g

unfortunately, the shop ran out of the stamper kit, black and white polish so i will have to return to the shop(thank goodness they have one at Plaza Sing') to collect them. i can't wait to play with these, especially the lace designs. in fact, it successful, i intend to haul a few more plates from OCnailart, i've alreadu got my plates pickes out ^,,^

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